The English Premier League is one of the most exciting football leagues to follow in the world. And when you can bet on the right teams, you can make a lot of money. But there's a science behind sports betting, and those who aren't aware of what steps to take to increase their odds of winning end up losing.

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If you want to make the most money possible by betting on teams in the English Premier League, continue reading for some tips. The sooner you apply these helpful hints to your betting strategy, the longer you'll be able to rake in more money and continue betting successfully.

Historical Stats

In order to increase the odds that you'll win a bet on an English Premier League game at any point during the season, you need to have a solid understanding of what the trends, or history, of the Premier League has been. Based upon what has happened historically, especially in recent history, you can place bets that are likely to reflect where the teams are right now and where they'll be in the near future. Below are some historical facts to get you started.

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Some Important Stats from the Last 5 Seasons

Home Team Advantage

English Premier League is one of the most exciting  soccer leaguesMore than 50% of the time, the home team will be the first to score during an English Premier League match. Away teams, on the other hand, have only scored first roughly 38% of the time over the last five years. Only 8% of the time has a game ended without a score for either team.

This little bit of information will help you place the right bets, particularly when you take into consideration which team has the home advantage. The stronger the home team, the more likely it will be that they will not only score first, but they'll also continue to hold onto their lead and finish as winners at the end. Leads at Halftime

In addition to seeing who historically has the advantage when it comes to scoring first in any English Premier League game, you also need to consider how the games typically go when halftime ends and the players hit the field again.

Whenever the home team has the lead at halftime, they're more likely to win. How likely, you ask? Well about 81% likely. These are very strong odds that will definitely influence what bet you choose to place. Scoreless Matches

You also need to consider scoreless matches over the last five seasons in order to make an informed betting decision. Games that resulted in scoreless home teams occurred roughly 22% of the time. In other words, in 22% of the games played over the last five seasons, the home teams didn't score at all. On the other hand, away teams remained scoreless by the end of the match about 35% of the time.

Over 50% of the time, both teams managed to score. Again, when you take into consideration the two teams in a match and their individual history, you'll be able to better predict who, if anyone, will score more goals.

When it comes to betting on English Premier League matches, you need to consider where a team currently stands, as well as where the team has been in the past. And you also need to factor in historical statistics with regards to the league in general, such as how likely it will be that a home team will score first and who will likely win the game based upon who's winning at halftime. Once you're aware of these stats and you've gained quite a bit of practice in the world of sports betting, you'll be able to make faster, better decisions that will result in higher earnings. Remember to do your research, choose wisely based on data, and cross your fingers for good luck!

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