Soccer is by a country mile the most widely bet on sport in the world. Soccer's biggest event, the World Cup, captivates the largest audiences in sport, rivaled only by the Olympics which like the World Cup also only happen every four years. While perhaps not the most widely viewed sport in America, across the worldwide market soccer takes the cookie and so all of the world's most established betting websites offer huge varieties of soccer bets through their websites. 

Here are the Top Sites for Betting on Soccer Online:

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 In this article we aim to provide a summary of the need to know facts about soccer before you take the challenge of betting on matches.

How to Bet on Soccer the right way?

There a few key aspects of the game of soccer that need to be understood before you start betting. here is a list of the most important factors to consider and get your head around before making your first bet.

The Skill of Players Really Counts

There is a huge variance in the styles of play possible within soccer, as a free flowing sport with two teams of 11 players each side on a relatively large pitch compared to most sports. Strategy can be dynamic and team play very important, but the remarkable thing about soccer is that individual brilliance is still a defining factor in games.

The ability of single players in a side is pivotal in soccer, so when trying to study teams and the various tactics they like to employ, keep in mind one simple rule; player form and ability in the game will decide the result, not the economic value or ability of teams on paper.

Attacking teams vs Defensive Teams

The best teams in the world have very aggressive tendencies, constantly passing, moving the ball with accuracy, dominating possession and actively attempting to create chances. This does not mean they are always victorious however.

The best underdog sides will usually have a very good defensive capability, being able to “park the bus” and hold off the attacks from overwhelmingly superior attackers, while waiting for key moments to strike in a quick counter attack. When large teams lose to inferior oppositions this technique played perfectly is usually the reason.

Champions League Betting

The Champions League is simply the largest club tournament in the sport. The Champions League invites all the best club teams from leagues across Europe to compete. The format of the tournament consists of several qualifying rounds for some teams while others enter the group stage automatically due to their performance in their respective country’s league during the previous season. Only two teams from each group progress to reach the final 16 knockout rounds.

Due to the nature of the Champions league, its prestige, the atmosphere within games and the meaning for all clubs and fans that are privileged and capable enough to be involved, upsets are not rare, and the excitement of selecting from many of the most elite teams in the world attracts masses of fans and bettors worldwide.

World Cup and European Championship Betting

The World Cup is the largest and most famous international level event in Worldwide soccer. The European championship is a close second. Only the World Cup, however, draws the excitement and unity of passion from audiences all over the planet. The European Championship consists purely of teams from Europe but features what many would regard as some of the best teams in the world such as Germany, Spain, France, and Italy. One of the most attractive aspects of international tournaments for bettors is the accumulator type bets, which can offer some of the best value and returns per bet that can be received anywhere.

No expert gamblers will ever suggest to back one team throughout though, they will always suggest making contingency plans and having a strategy that contains a variety of eventualities and winning picks. Click here to read more about sports betting strategies

How does it Work?


  • Strategy for Major Soccer TournamentsMoney Line bets- As the scores remain low in soccer typically, draws between evenly matched teams can be common. For this reason sportsbook Money lines often have three simple options. Betting on a team to win, lose or draw. Odds are applied to each prediction with different returns on offer based on the likelihood of that eventuality.

  • Stick To Betting On Teams You Know- Before the Match Madness sets of, you have spent an entire season collecting data, experience and knowledge on certain teams. So use that, make your picks on teams you have been following most.

    Don't throw all the valuable research you've done up to this point betting on teams you don't know about, even if the odds seem really attractive, or on the face of it bets that seem like clear favorites..There are around 12 games in round one you could consider betting on, maybe just place on the ones that feature “your team”.

  • Point Spread- This is where you bet not only on the winner but on how much they win by when the 90 min whistle is blown. You can choose a favorite or the underdog. Favorites need to win by a certain number of goals set by the sportsbook and underdog teams need to lose by a certain amount or the bet is pushed. With this form the push is usually deleted if the sportsbook sets the favorite at less than a goal (-0.5).
  • Totals- This is where you bet on the total amount of goals scored in a game by both teams combined. As goals are rare, these options can be very precise, unlike many sports having ranges of scores. Totals in soccer are fixed to the exact score, so odds can be very good relative to the risk.

  • Future Bets- Future bets are hugely popular for the premier league, and other top leagues around the world, as well as the international tournaments. In these bets you're picking a winner of the league or tournament before it begins. Without prior statistics and history this can be tricky, but as a result the format can offer the same great value odds.

Key Betting Strategy for Major Soccer Tournaments

These key betting tactics are the more important ones to keep in mind when making your picks for a soccer tournament:

Group stages - where the best opportunities are found

At this stage you can usually find bets on who you think will qualify and progress to the knockouts. Odds can be fairly good on teams that are usually very strong, as upsets are not rare. Find out about all the teams in a group leading into the tournament, how have they played in their last games? Is their form high? If so they are worth a pick.

Don't get greedy

Maintain your discipline. It can be very tempting to, following the above point, make several bets on many groups, as each group will offer teams that look like sure picks with great value. But you have to be careful. Set yourself a budget for the tournament and stick to it! 

Or you can set yourself a set number of picks. You should be aiming to select about 5 teams to go through. Any more than this and you are taking a wider risk that is not necessary.

Make note of each teams tournament tactics

For these soccer events, coaches and teams will often assign specific strategies just for that particular tournament. For example, Greece in the Euro’s that they won, had a very distinctive highly defensive setup. In the Champions League some clubs will play their lesser reserve players in qualifying or group rounds. 

You must take note of these elements, as they will indicate who is most likely to win when it comes to the knockouts, as they are higher level more pressure filled matches. If an underdog is fully committed, in great form and has a very strong defensive build up, expect them to do well against more famous and less interested favorite sides.

Great Sites for Betting on Soccer 

These are the sites we suggest giving a try if you are thinking about betting on soccer


One of the largest and most established soccer sportsbooks

One of the largest and most established sportsbooks on the market. Find out more about Bovada.



modern and well established brand in online golf betting

: A modern and well established brand in online betting, Betonline feature a great variety of soccer options for all major soccer games. To read our full review, visit our recommended site page now.


Sportsbetting, super easy to set up a golf wagering account

Sportsbetting make it super easy to set up and account and start getting involved in the action, the security of their withdraw systems is also a huge plus.. To read omore about click here.  


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Topbet cover many of the most high level soccer games

 Topbet do cover many of the most high level soccer games of note, with all the best teams in the world featured for major events. click here to read the full review.




The Best Tips for Your Soccer bets

These handy tips are the most important things to consider when placing your bets on soccer.


  1. Tips for Your Soccer betsAlways Consider Value- To a very basic degree, the value of a bet is comparing the risk of a bet to its potential reward. There are a series of mathematical equations to learn if you are interested in taking it very seriously.

    But for those that would just like a simple and fast way to consider value, a good idea is to constantly check the rate of the bet you are considering to other bets on the same criteria in the market from other sportsbooks. This way you are ensuring you get the best potential return for your money.

  2. For domestic league games always consider Home and Away form-In league games between club teams, a match is either staged at a stadium that is the home ground or away ground. The away team has a huge disadvantage in soccer. Factors making an impact in the team's and player's ability to perform include

    • Different grounds have slightly different sized pitches.
    • Grounds have different signs and structure layouts.
    • Club owners fill home grounds with more home fans than away fans, this gives the home crowd a louder and greater influence on the game.

    Because of these factors players playing at home always feel more motivated and conventionally perform better at home than they do away.

    That said there are often at least a couple examples of teams in each league that prove to have great away from. Real Madrid are one of the world's most famous sides known for having the ability to play just as well if not better away than at home.

  3. Watch Recent Form - It's a very good idea to base the vast majority of your bets on form analysis. In soccer form is a very powerful factor. So if a team has been winning regularly leading into a game, the likelihood is they will play very well.

    On the other hand great opportunities can arise when the very best teams lose a couple of games in a row, this will mean their confidence is down and a bet against them can offer great odds for a relatively lower risk than usual.

  4. Pay Close Attention to Injuries Due to the very fast and flowing nature of soccer, it can be quite a violent and dangerous game at the top level. For this reason injuries are common, and when the best 1 or 2 players in a team are injured it can have hugely severe consequences on the quality of performances the team is able to produce.

When you notice key players are injured, especially in teams that only have 1 or two world class caliber players, it's very fair to expect a huge drop in the team's form, and ability to win games. For more betting tips click here

How to Choose the Best Sportsbook?

Here’s a quick summary of factors to keep in mind when searching and selecting which soccer sportsbooks to open accounts and place bets with:


Many soccer sportsbooks will offer sign up bonusesMany soccer sportsbooks will offer sign up bonuses, so it's a great idea to open more than one account with a mix of vendors to be able to take advantage of all the offers they each give. 

Range of Betting

Different sites will offer different varieties of soccer betsDifferent sites will offer different varieties of bets, usually on the same match and criteria, so weigh up the ones that offer you what you are most inclined to bet on consistently. 


Be careful and always do your background  soccer researchAlthough all of the sportsbooks we have suggested are relatively secure, there are a lot of sites out there that will offer outrageous deals or odds to get you to make a deposit with them. Be careful and always do your background research of them online. 

Transactions Methods

soccer betting transactions - the tricky part comes with withdrawalsAlmost all soccer sportsbooks will make it as easy as pie to deposit. However the tricky part comes with withdrawals. Those that offer third party clearance or transfers to electronic wallets usually work best. 


you want a dashboard and system that you get on withObviously you want a dashboard and system that you get on with and can be good on your moblie as well as your desktop, don't make the mistake of thinking once you've opened one account you've experienced them all. 

Customer Service

choose the soccer sportsbook that provides the best customer servicesThis can be a huge factor. There is nothing worse than having system errors and issues when your money is at stake. So you may be inclined to go with the sportsbook that provides the most helpful customer services. 


We hope that with this info you can have a good and safe start in betting on soccer online.

Good luck!

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