At Sports Directory, we strive to give you the best information about the complicated world of online sports betting and the bonuses that are available. This fun and exciting gambling pastime has become a popular activity for people of all ages around the world in part to the large bonuses that are offered by the different sportsbooks. Taking advantage of these bonuses is fun and lucrative and here we look at the best sports booking websites and bonuses.

Sports sites with the best bonuses

Betting site Bonuses offered Information
  Bovada website is one of the top online destinations for betting bonuses  $1000 / 50% up to $250  As one of the most well known and popular sports betting sites in America and Canada, Bovada is the one and only place to go for sports betting in the United States. Bovada offers gambling opportunities for the American sports of Football, Hockey, and Basketball. Click here for details on Bovada.
  Betonline offers a large list of possible games and sign up bonuses  $750 / 50% up to $250 Betonline offers a large list of possible games, sports, and events to choose from, each with different payouts and odds. Their site is easy to work with, and their customer service is well respected. Place bets on Casino Games, Horse Racing, Poker, Games of Skills, and six different sports. To read our full review, visit our recommended site page now.
  We love the betting bonuses offered at the website  $1000 / 50% up to $250 Located in Panama, Sportsbetting has become very well known in Central and North America. Their platform provides betting options in Auto Racing, Football, Golf, Baseball, and the MMA, among many others. To read our full review - just click here.
  When it comes to sign up bonuses, 5Dimes has an attractive offer  $1000 / 50% up to $250 With the availability of daily wagers and the most in-depth customer service, there is no better site choice than 5dimes. This gambling site has worked hard to earn their positive reputation.  Their bet-able sports include Tennis, Basketball, Football, and Baseball. Find out more by reading our full review.
  Topbet website has excelent betting bonuses, perfect for beginners  $500 / 50% up to $250  Based out of Canada, Topbet provides high rollers with a great bonus cap and an efficient website. As one of the most played online sports books in the world, Topbet offers superb customer service and a large variety of sports to choose from. If you want to know more, click here to read the full review.

Why do online sportsbooks offer bonuses?

bonuses will have different requirements for the amount of money being placed

Online to new and existing gamblers. These bonuses will have different requirements for the amount of money being placed on a specific sport, and the times that they are available. Our sportsbooks reviews will give broad information on all of the essentials and stipulations put forth by the sites we promote.

What are the different types of sports betting bonuses?

There are many different types of sports betting bonuses

There are many different types of sports betting bonuses. Each site will offer a varied selection. Some of the bonuses are standard throughout the year, while others are promotional items given during a specific sports season or holiday. Most sites give sign-up bonuses and welcome bonuses. Other options can include bonuses for those who wager using their mobile devices, and bonuses directed at a specific sporting event.

Online sportsbooks offer bonuses as an incentive to new and existing gamblersPlayers can receive bonuses for referring a friend to the gambling website, regardless of how much money their friends spend on the site. Cash back rewards are relatively common, and will vary by site or platform. While not always labeled as a bonus, certain programs give the options for no-deposit betting, or free bets. These are considered a bonus as they offer a discount on the entire process.  Less common, but equally lucrative are the reload bonuses and high roller bonuses that are proffered by a few of the best websites.

What are the sportsbook sign-up bonuses?

What are the sportsbook sign-up bonuses?

Any time you sign up for a new sports betting site, you are often required to make a deposit. Major sites like the ones we listed above give sign-up bonuses, which are incentives to deposit a greater amount of money. These sign-up bonuses are given as a percentage of the deposit amount, up to a certain cap level.

For example, if the site has a sign-up bonus of 50% up to $250, that means that if you deposit $500 you will receive an additional $250 from the company. However, in the same scenario, if you deposit $1000, you would still only receive a $250 bonus. We recommend sites that offer sign-up bonuses that are higher than others, so you have more money in your account when you begin the betting process. 

No Deposit Bonuses

A no deposit bonus is simply money given to the player for signing up with the sports betting website. A great motivator to get new players to try the website, these bonuses are smaller than the sign-up bonuses, but still worth it overall. Especially good for players that are completely new to online sportsbooks, the average no deposit bonus is $25. That amount gives you enough to place your first bet and see if you like the site.

These types of bonuses are offered to draw in the player, with the thinking that once you place your first bet and win, you will want to continue to deposit money and keeping using their platform. When you use a site that offers no deposit bonuses, pay attention to the terms and conditions that are required by the website.

No deposit bonuses are commonly included within the free bet category. A great strategy is to use a sportsbook site that offers both a sign-up bonus and a no deposit bonus. This will lead to a larger amount of starting capital in your “pocket”.

Free Bets Bonuses

There are many different types of free bets. As stated, no deposit bets are a form of free bets, but there are many others that are just as appealing.


  • Matched Bet Bonuses - A matched bet is considered the same as a free bet. With matched bets, you place a bet on your own with a sportsbook, and they match your bet amount with an additional bet in your name. Essentially, this is a two for the price of one deal. Matched bets are a good choice for those who are willing to pay to place a wager, but wish to receive a special bonus for their efforts. If you are in the market to place a large wager on a specific sport or game, using the matched bet bonus is a wise choice. You have the opportunity to double a large bet while only spending half of that bet yourself. For more about matched bets click here.

  • Structured Free Bet Bonuses - Other sportsbook sites provide users with free bet bonuses called structured free bets. These are almost identical to a matched bet, but they follow a specific structure over a length of time. A common form of the structured free bet is an initial matched bet for the first wager, then an additional matched bet on every second or third wager that is placed. The subsequent matched bets in the structure will be given at a smaller match rate percentage, but still lucrative. If there is a specific sport that you plan to place wagers on throughout the season, a structured free bet bonus is a great choice. Since you will already be wagering on that sport repeatedly, this allows the book maker to give you a bonus simply for participation.

  • Hidden Free Bet Bonuses - The final type of free bet that is popular today is the hidden free bet. As noted in their title, these free bet bonuses are literally hidden, so you will not know about them until after you place your wager. These bonuses act in favor of the bettor by doubling or even tripling their odds. If you place a wager at two to one odds, the bookmaker could surprise you with a double odds payout of four to one or six to one. It is hard to plan for a hidden free bet bonus, but there are times when they are advertised through other promotional websites. Also, sometimes redeemable codes are given which allow the bettor to take advantage of a hidden free bet bonus.


Reload Bonuses

A reload bonus is one of the purest incentives that a sportsbook can offer a bettor. These promotions are given to entice a player to continue to bet using a specific website. After you receive your initial sign-up or welcome bonus by placing a first wager, each time you bet with the same site they will match your wager amount. How much they match will depend on the site, and their requirements. Some will match as little as 10%, while others may match a full 100%. Of course, we recommend trying to find the booking sites that give the largest reload matching percentages.

Either way, this is a valuable way to get you to continue betting through their platform. Something else to look out for are the reload bonus codes that are available throughout the sportsbooks offers. These codes will increase the reload bonus amounts that are offered by the sportsbook site. They have the possibility of doubling or tripling the reload bonus that is standard to the sportsbook.

The Cash Back Bonus

There are bonuses that are given to those who do not win their bets, these are called cash back bonuses. The beauty of these incentives is that they take some of the sting out of a lost wager. Each sportsbook website will calculate the cash back bonus differently, though there is some continuity between each platform.

The average percentage of cash back given on a lost wager is 20%. However, other fees and costs are deducted from the total before that percentage is figured. To earn a cash back bonus, you will need to make a new deposit. The site will subtract the current and pending balance of your account, the accumulated winnings from all previous periods, and then the redemptions for the period from your new deposit amount. The remainder is then multiplied by the cash back percentage that is set by the sports book site.

The final number is the total you will receive in cash back bonus. In general, the sites that offer a lower cash back percentage multiplier will also remove less fees and amounts from your new deposit, so it is relatively equitable. If you find yourself in a situation where you lose $100 on a wager, the cash back bonus could give you at least $25 of that lost profit back.

Rollover Know-How

it is very important that you read the details related to the rollover

When you join a new sportsbook site and are presented with their welcome bonus or sign-up offer, it is very important that you read the details related to the rollover. Even if the rollover is not readily listed in the fine print of the promotion, you should seek out those details before accepting the deal. When you see a rollover quote or statement, it will often sound confusing. Good examples of a rollover term are, “rollover required are three times for 10%” and “rollovers are only required for deposited funds”. On the surface, both of those statements do not clearly explain what a rollover is or how much money is needed.

In the simplest form, a rollover is the amount of money that the sports book site requires you to wager before you can have access to your bonus money. Each sports book site must require this, as it is the only stipulation that prevents the person making the wager from simply collecting their bonus money and leaving the website. Of course, they do not want you to do this because it keeps them from earning any money themselves.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to read the rollover requirements of each sports book website. Some of the terms may be too long or large for some bettors. A few of the sites only request a small rollover term, though these are most associated with cash back style bonuses. If you accept a bonus offer without understanding the stated rollover terms, and then decide that you are unhappy with the terms, that might be a problem to change and the sportsbook cannot be held responsible. It is much better to read all of the terms and conditions related to the rollover before accepting any bonus money.

The High Roller Status

sports booking websites often offer a high roller status

Just as with the real world and online casinos that are popular today, sports booking websites often offer a high roller status. To achieve this level, you must be willing to deposit a large sum of money with the booking agent. This does not mean that you must wager all of that money right away, or even at all, only deposit the funds.

Each site will have a different cap set for the status of a high roller, some are more reasonable than others. The benefit of being considered a high roller is that you are eligible for bonuses and prizes as a high roller that you would otherwise not have access to.

Sportsbooks want to have many high rollers attached to their websites, because the more money in play, the more they can eventually make off of the bettors. Thanks to this, the incentives given to high rollers are some of the best out there. Many of these bonuses do not require any other payment or participation on your part, raffles are a good example of this benefit system. Becoming a high roller with any of the sportsbooks that we recommend will give you access to many prizes and bonuses that are not available to other players.

Can I enjoy sports betting bonuses on the go?

 everyone who uses online sports books has easy access to a mobile device

Just about everyone who uses online sports books has easy access to a mobile device, likely carrying one with them every day. It is because of this that most websites not only allow, but also promote, sports betting on the go. Whether you are using a smart phone, tablet, iPad, or any other device that can reach the Internet away from home, sportsbooks offer easy website sign-in. Many of the sites we recommend have dedicated mobile web pages. Even if you have to use the standard website address to place your bets on the go, the process is still efficient.

The Android based, Windows based, and Apple based devices all offer applications for sports booking sites that are easy to Use. An added benefit of placing your bets on the go is that many sportsbooks provide bonuses for placing wagers away from home. Remember, mobile betting also gives you more freedom to place wagers on live events and games too, which means that you have access to bonuses from your mobile devices.

How do I get my bonus?

How you receive the bonus depends on the bonus being offered

How you receive your bonus will depend entirely on the type of bonus being offered. If your bonus is a cash back offer, then you will receive those funds as a deposit into your online account after at least one wager is placed and closed. If you are due a sign-up bonus, that money will be placed into your online account once you have made your first deposit. Regardless of the bonus type, each of the sites we recommend deposits your bonus money quickly and correctly, with little to no down time.

How can I collect my winnings?

Each sportsbook will offer various methods for deposit or withdrawal

Each sportsbook will offer various methods for deposit or withdrawal. We recommend that you look into the details of the payment methods of each site before choosing with one to pursue. It is never fun to win big on a site and then have no way to access your winnings. Yet, we should make it clear that all of the major sportsbooks use Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and Bitcoin, at the very least. Other common payment facilitators are Skrill, Neteller, Ukash, Polypayments, and Pugglepay. Choose the payment system that is the most convenient and comfortable for you, so you won't have any issues collecting your big winnings.

What are the maximum payouts?

Sports book platforms have payment caps

Sports book platforms have payment caps, known as maximum payouts, that determine how you will receive your winnings. The site you choose will have their own set of parameters. Bovada, for example,  will make a minimum payment of $20 by a couriered check. For larger sums of money, they will send you a bank wire transfer, up to the total of $7,500. Betonline will pay as much as $10,000 at a time, while 5dimes only pays a maximum of $2,499 by Western Union money transfer.

What sports can I bet on?

bonuses that are specific to games or matches is key

Again, this is completely determined by the site that you choose to place your wagers through. The most common sports available are listed below. Each sport will have bonuses that are specific to the games or matches being played, compounded by the bonuses that are offered through the individual site.

find sign up bonuses in your favorite wagering sport


  • All National Football League Games
  • All Major League Baseball Games
  • American College Football (NCAA) Games
  • All National Basketball Association Games
  • International Soccer Games
  • American College Basketball Games
  • UFC Matches
  • Golf


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What should I look for in a sportsbook website?

Choosing which sportsbook to use is an important decision

Choosing which sportsbook to use is an important decision, and it requires some reading and research on your part. Which ever site you select is going to be managing a sum of your money, and therefore you want to pick one that is reputable. At Sports Directory, we think the first thing that you should consider when choosing a website is what bonuses and special offers they have available.

Keep in mind, just because a few sportsbooks may look similar, looks can be deceiving. Each of the five websites we have listed have all been tested and approved to meet our stringent criteria for betting safety and efficiency. Each of these five sites also provide great sign-up bonuses, as well as various free bet, matched bet, and cash refund options.

Sports Book Bonus Conclusion

choose which sportsbook you are going to use

Now that you are armed with all of this great bonus information, all you have left to do is choose which website you are going to use. After a simple registration process, you will be ready to make a deposit, collect your bonuses, and starting placing wagers on your favorite sports.


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