Soccer fans always want to keep a track of all the latest leagues and championships that take place in the world of soccer. The following information is about some of the major soccer championships and leagues. The English Premier League is one of them major soccer tournaments in the world of soccer. It is the highest tier of football in the United Kingdom followed by the First Division or the Coca Cola Championship League.

The other major tournament in the world of soccer is the UEFA European Football Championship. Apart from these, there are other qualifying matches, which set up the world rankings and determine the eligibility of the teams to play in the World Cup.

This was all about the major tournaments in the world of soccer. If you are a fan of soccer, then you should definitely watch all these tournaments. This is mainly because; almost every tournament has its dose of entertainment for the fans as well as the players, thanks to the surging popularity of soccer, which is increasing daily and is gripping almost all the countries of the world.