Looking to play some real money casino games on your mobile device? In this article we’ll show you where to find the best mobile slots, table games and more. We’ll also show you which sites to focus on, how to deposit and withdraw, and more.

iPhone Casinos

The vast majority of online casinos can be labelled as iPhone Casinos, as the vast majority are compatible with this Apple device. In fact, the very first mobile casinos were created with early iPhones and iPads in mind, so they function perfectly on iOS.

You can find most iPhone casino apps in the Apple App Store. If you would prefer (as many players do), you can also play directly through your mobile browser.


Android Casinos

Google doesn’t look too kindly on online gambling and if you run an Android device, you will encounter a few restrictions. Firstly, there are no real money online gambling apps in the Google Play Store. Secondly, while you can download these direct from the casino website, you will need to tweak your settings to allow “Apps from Third Parties”.

There are no other issues though. Online gambling apps run very smoothly on Android devices, and you can also play them through the Chrome mobile browser.

There are great options for playing in online casinos with your Mobile Phone

Playing on your Tablet

Mobile casinos tend to be geared more towards smartphones than tablets. But because smartphones are growing in size, with both the iPhone and the Samsung a great deal bigger than their first editions, they work just as well.

Tablet casino games are basically the same as desktop versions, but they have been optimized for the touch screen device and they are also designed to look better on the smaller screen.

Slots don’t require a great deal of processing power or graphics. And because all modern tablets are quite powerful, you shouldn’t have any issues when it comes to specifications.

If your tablet is an Android, you will have the same issues as mentioned above. But these are just as easy to get around and there are no such issues with iOS or Windows tablets.

What Games Can You Play?

These days, the vast majority of new desktop slots and table games are also created for mobile casinos. In fact, there are now a number of slots that are created exclusively for mobile casinos. The same goes for table games, scratch cards and all other forms of casino game.

That’s because there are now more mobile players than desktop ones, so developers are keen to cater for them. The only games that may not be available are older games that didn’t prove to be very popular. Simply put, if the developers don’t think that the desktop games were very popular, then they won’t make an effort to convert them to mobile.

Depositing and Withdrawing with your Mobile

In the early days of mobile casinos players had to deposit and withdraw using their desktops. This was because of security concerns, as well as software limitations.

That is no longer the case though, and most mobile casinos let you deposit and withdraw using your phone or tablet. In fact, many of them offer matched deposit bonuses, free spins and other promotions for players who make their first deposit through their mobile.

This even applies to players who have already played on the desktop casino and have been members for some time.

There are no limitations regarding the methods you can use either, and mobile casinos offer just as much variety as desktop casinos do.

Best Sites for Mobile Play

If you want the best mobile games then you should focus on sites that use either Microgaming or Playtech. These are the two biggest developers, and they are also the ones that dominate the mobile gaming industry.

IGT and Net Ent also have a lot of mobile games, but both of these developers can be found on Microgaming and Playtech casinos.

Microgaming have the edge for many players, mainly because they develop more new titles than anyone else, but also because they are leading pioneers in this area. Not only were Microgaming the very first online casino, but they also created the very first progressive slot and currently have the progressive slot with the biggest jackpot seed amount (Mega Moolah).

Most Popular Games for Mobile Gambling

Some classic desktop titles have proved to be just as popular on mobile casinos. Rainbow Riches is a good example of this. This Barcrest classic can be found on many casinos, and is as popular in land-based casinos as it is on desktops and mobiles.

Many of the newer slots to receive attention include Motorhead, Guns ’n’ Roses and KISS, all of which are based on legendary rock bands. By using actual songs from the bands, as well as their likenesses, developers are able to appeal to rock fans as well as slot fans.

Some mobile-only games that have proved to be incredibly popular include Beehive Bedlam Reactors. This game looks and feels like Candy Crush, but with real money at stake. There is a free spins feature to unlock and if you fill a jar with honey, you can also enter a bonus round.

What makes this bonus round unique is the fact that the user’s skill determines how much money they will win. They are tasked with controlling a flying bee and collecting coins. If they play well, they will win a lot of money. If they play poorly, they might get nothing.


It’s rare to see features like the one on Beehive Bedlam Reactors. But it’s proof that these mobile games are changing the shape of the entire mobile industry. This is a great time to be a mobile gambler—a great time to be a gamer—and this is only the beginning.

So, jump onboard the bandwagon, because there are some exciting years ahead for the mobile gaming and mobile gambling industries.