5Dimes Sportsbook Review: Read, Play, Win! With so many online sportsbooks available, it takes real effort to build the kind of reputation that 5Dimes has achieved. By offering a huge range of betting odds across multiple markets, the bookmakers at 5Dimes have attracted a loyal following of regular sports gambling customers. They are also very welcoming to big-money players and offer some great bonus programs for new and regular players.

Based in Costa Rica, the company has been online since 1998 and has a great understanding of how modern gambling habits evolve. As a result, they offer plenty of betting lines that you might not find elsewhere. You can wager on all your favourite sports including tennis, soccer, MLB, NFL, and NBA.

As well as a wide choice of well-priced bets across a range of sports, 5Dimes also offers quick and secure payouts, fuss-free transactions and a great choice of funding options. That is why many high-stakes players choose to bet through this highly-rated sportsbook.

5Dimes Sportsbook Overview and Features

As one of the most trusted names in the business, 5Dimes knows exactly what it takes to keep sports punters happy. From the simplicity of the website and the range of sports on offer, to the excellent odds and the wide choice of betting lines, everything is aimed at enhancing your gambling experience.


As with most other betting sites, 5Dimes also offers punters the chance to play casino games, poker matches and lotteries but for the purposes of this review we will concentrate on the sports betting facilities that they offer.

Once you have completed the simple sign-up process, just click on the sportsbook tab at the top of the page and a whole world of sport betting options will present themselves to you. From there, all you do is tick the box of the sport you are interested in and press the ‘continue’ button. The list of sports will vary depending on what leagues and tournaments are being held at the time.

If you are interested in Football betting, the list of markets includes NFL, College, Canadian, Arena, NFL Props, College Props, Reduced and Futures. You can also bet other major sports such as Basketball, Baseball, Soccer and Hockey. For those of you with a good knowledge of world sport, you are spoilt for choice with options such as Aussie Rules, Volleyball, Cricket, Darts and Rugby. You may even see novelty events such as Competitive Eating on the list.

On the left hand side of the page you will see a list of bet type including:


  • Dynamic Lines
  • Bet The Board
  • Straight & RIF
  • Parlay
  • Teaser/Progressive
  • If Bets
  • Action Reverse
  • Futures
  • Office Pools
  • Betting Contest
  • Review Bets


Under the main sportsbook menu at the top of the page, there is also a link to the live in-play betting page where you will find betting options for live games. Also at the top of the page is a racebook button which leads you to a page dedicated to Horse Race betting.

The website also has plenty of other sections that offer tips and advice for new and experienced gamblers, and they also give you a full rundown of the latest promotional offers.

Once you start looking for bets, you will notice that all the prices are very competitive thanks to the low bookmaker margins that 5Dimes uses. In many cases, the quoted odds quoted will be the best available anywhere online.

5Dimes Sign-Up Bonuses

Grab your 5Dimes Sign-Up Rewards

As with any gambling site, new players can expect to receive a bonus once they have signed-up, deposited funds and placed their first bets.

On the 5Dimes site, the latest new player bonus is known as ‘The 50% Plus New Player Reward!’ and offers new members the chance to earn up to $520 in free-play rewards. /p>

The bonus is calculated at 50% of your first deposit up to a maximum of $200. If you deposit between $400 and $2000, you will receive an additional 20% bonus.

The image below gives you examples of how the bonus works:

5Dimes bonus structure chart

The bonuses are paid out in increments each time you wager an amount equivalent to your first bet. You need to rollover the initial deposit 10 times to release your entire bonus.

5Dimes Promotions

It’s not just new members that get bonuses and rewardsIt’s not just new members that get bonuses and rewards. There are plenty of reload offers for existing customers and daily reduced juice bets on all your favorite sports including NFL, NCAA football, Canadian Football, NBA, NCAA Basketball, WNBA, MLB, NHL, Tennis Grand Slams, PGA golf, Boxing, MMA and other special events. Just check the website on the day of the event for all the latest offers.

You can get additional Free-Play Rewards of up to $500 depending on how you top-up your 5Dimes account. Other bonus incentives for existing clients include:


  • Up to 20% Cash Back Reward
  • EXTRA 10% Cash Back Reward
  • 30% Super Saver Reward
  • Point Mover Special Reward Program
  • Refer-a-Friend Reward


For full details of these rewards, sign up to the 5Dimes website today.

Game Types offered at 5Dimes

The selection of bets is not limited to major American sportsIt would probably be easier to tell you what bet types 5Dimes does not offer! The selection of bets is massive and is not just limited to major American sports. However, all punters are catered for so if you want to keep it simple and back standard lines such as Point spreads, Moneyline and Totals, you can get some of the bets odds around. For the more adventurous punters out there, there are more than enough interesting lines to keep you satisfied.

Popular 5Dimes bet types include:


  • Point spread
  • Moneyline
  • Totals (over-under)
  • Futures
  • Propositions
  • In-play
  • Parlays
  • Teasers


If you want a full run down on the different bet types, just click here for our comprehensive betting guide.


You can also bet at 5Dimes on events in a range of sports from all over the world including:


  • NFL betting
  • NCAA football betting
  • NBA betting<
  • MLB betting
  • NHL betting
  • World Soccer betting
  • Tennis betting
  • Golf betting
  • Aussie Rules betting
  • Rugby betting
  • Cricket betting
  • UFC betting
  • Motor Sports betting
  • Horse Racing betting


This is just a sample of the sports on offer and all events are subject to seasonal changes. Major events such as the Soccer World Cup and the Olympic Games are also covered. You will also find markets for obscure sports and special events.

Fans of live betting are also catered for with a host of in-play options to bring you closer to the action. Whether you are at the game or in the comfort of your armchair, you can use your expertise to predict the next play in any of your favorite sports.

5 Dimes Mobile Betting

Play on the Go with 5Dimes Mobile

5Dimes simply offers a mobile version of its main websiteUnlike some betting companies that have launched dedicated applications for various mobile devices, 5Dimes simply offers a mobile version of its main website. This advantage with this is that things are kept very simple and those familiar with the main site will soon be able to find their way round.

The downside is that the mobile site is not optimised for any particular device and placing bets can get a bit fiddly. The screen can also be hard to read and this could increase the chances of making a mistake.

The company are currently rolling new dynamic betting features on the site and it is hoped that an improved mobile experience for bettors will follow. Until then, mobile betting remains the weakest weapon in the 5Dimes armoury.

5Dimes Support and Customer Service

If great customer service is important to, you should open an account with 5DimesIf great customer service is important to you, then you should open an account with 5Dimes. There are very few companies in any industry that gets such glowing reviews about their approach to customer service. If you do encounter a problem, 5Dimes are easy to contact and will always find a quick resolution to your problem. You can contact them on any of their dedicated phone lines, send them and email, engage in a live chat session or even send them a tweet. There are plenty of major corporations who could learn a thing or two about customer support from this Costa Rica-based bookmaker.

5 Dimes Deposit Options

deposit options,5dimes are in a league of their ownThere are few betting companies that offer as many funding options as 5Dimes. Whether you are depositing or withdrawing cash, there is plenty of fast and free options to keep your gambling account flowing.

A full list of funding methods including charges and timescales can be found in the screenshot below.

5Dimes Deposit Options Chart

5 Dimes Payouts

Making it easy to pay money into your account counts for nothingThere is nothing more frustrating than a bookmaker who makes it hard to get your hands on your winnings. However, this should never be an issue for 5Dimes users. With over a dozen withdrawal methods available, every punter should be able to a find a suitable withdrawal method. You can make a standard withdrawal by cashier check or you can use faster methods such as Skrill, Neteller or bank transfer. They even offer withdrawal via bitcoins, Amazon gift card or Wal-Mart gift card. Many of these withdrawal methods are free and can be completed the same day. For a full list of funding options, please refer to the chart above.

5Dimes offers many game types to bet on

5Dimes Software

5Dimes website has always been based on lightweight technologyThe 5Dimes website has always been based on lightweight technology that avoids flashy image and graphics but concentrates on delivering a fast and secure gambling experience. As a result, the website could be accused of looking dated when compared to some of its rivals. However, the simple appearance and ease of use is what makes 5Dimes so popular with punters who want a fast, no-nonsense gambling experience.

The recent addition of dynamic lines that update in real-time has been a welcome update, as users no longer have to refresh the page to get up-to-date odds on pre-match and live betting lines.


customers from France are not permitted to registerAt first glance, the 5Dimes sportsbook appears to be aimed at the USA market but they are open to punters in most countries around the world. However, customers from France are not permitted to register for their services. All players must 18 years of age or over.

USA customers must complete a one -time rollover of their first deposit amount before they can withdraw funds. Customers from outside of the USA must complete a two-time rollover of their deposited amount.

5Dimes Sportsbook Conclusion

It’s hard to argue with popular opinion and it seems that most regular punters love 5Dimes. Of course, being an established name always helps but a betting website must offer more than just stability if it is going to retain long-term customers. Where 5Dime excels is in its individuality - it does not appear to be just another generic betting site but instead has a personality all of its own. They are a company that customers feel comfortable with thanks to their open and friendly approach to customer support and they are not afraid of big-money players. In addition, they endeavor to offer as much betting choice as possible from the entire spectrum of sport. As a result, they have attracted loyal punters from all over the world.

In our betting strategy guide, we talk about the importance of value and how this can be achieved by having accounts with multiple bookmakers and always searching for the best odds. Further value can also be achieved by using companies that offer free deposit and withdrawal methods. As a result, you would be crazy not to add a 5Dimes account to your portfolio.

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The 5Dimes Sportsbook is a great options when betting online